SDCC 2015: Friday Recap

SDCC 2015 Friday
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  1. Rosemary says:

    That is so neat making friends in line. But 12 hours!!??? What if you gotta go to the potty?

    1. gbreviews says:

      You can leave and come back, as long as someone from your group is holding your place in line. There were bathrooms out on the island as well. Although they ran out of toilet paper… but luckily we knew that those bathrooms were notorious for not having toilet paper, so we brought extra napkins with us.

  2. Jancee says:

    I’m an introvert, so for me this seems like the worst possible way to spend time. I’ll just continue to read all the coverage online from my nice little quiet living room. As for the panels, I totally would attend the Women Who Kick Ass panel – that’s my favorite thing!

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