The Flash Recap: Back to Normal – Episode 2-19

The Flash-S2-Ep19-Back-to-Normal
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  1. Serena Powell says:

    Curious as to if either of you all have guesses on who the man in the mask is that Zoom is holding captive? I have some theories from the comic books, but I love hearing other people’s thoughts.

    1. Joshua says:

      Hi Serena,

      I have been racking my brain about this for some time, and I have two theories as to who it could be.

      My first guess is that he is the real Jay Garrick (one of the original Flash characters). This would make sense because the Jay Garrick’s signature helmet is in the show. This had to of come from somewhere. I don’t think Zoom could just make this hat up, and it not be related to a Jay Garrick Flash.

      My other theory is that it could be Barry’s real dad. The reason I suggest this is that we know that the Arrow in Earth 2 was actually Oliver’s dad instead of Oliver. Since the actor playing Barry was the Flash in the 90s TV show that could make sense, combining it with the fact that Oliver’s dad is Arrow.

      What is sort of interesting is that there could be a way where both were to be true–perhaps Barry’s dad is Jay Garrick. I am not sure how Barry would get his name of Barry Allen then, but it would be an interesting throwback to the 90s show. (did we ever hear Earth 2 Barry’s last name?)

      But I am curious to hear your theories! Who do you think it is?

      1. Serena Powell says:

        I like your theory a lot. It’s not one I had heard yet, but it definitely would make sense after the last episode and the reveal of Henry’s mother’s maiden name. I’d love to get to see John Wesley Shipp portray the Flash again. I think it was implied, but not outright stated, that Earth 2 Barry’s last name is Allen, since Earth 2 Iris’s last name is West-Allen. It didn’t say anything about his parents at all though, or at least not as I can recall.

        The first thought I ever had was that it was the real Jay Garrick. I mean, we know they have to be a speedster since they were in the same type of cage as Barry was. Until the last episode, I was going with the theory that it is Earth 2 Wally West. Since, in the comics, Wally is Kid Flash and later becomes the third Flash. I wasn’t sure if the writers were going to make Earth 1 Wally West become the Flash, or have his Earth 2 counterpart be it instead, sort of like Killer Frost. However, the ending of the last episode seemed to imply that we might see Earth 1 Wally gain some speedster powers soon. The whole “My mother’s maiden name was Garrick.” statement really threw my theory off. I’m hoping we get to find out before this season is up.

        1. Joshua Krueger says:

          I had just watch the most recent episode, and it seems to line up with my theory. There could be another option still–that Jay Garrick is perhaps an adopted twin of Zoom, or something to that effect, but I feel like the mention of Oliver’s father being the Arrow was something done intentionally. Especially considering that John Wesley Shipp, who played the earlier version of the Flash, is Barry’s father. It lines up pretty well I think.

  2. Sara says:

    This looks like a good movie

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