The Flash Episode Recap, Season 2 Episode 3: Family of Rogues

The Flash, Season 2 Episode 3, Family of Rogues, Lisa Snart, Golden Glider, Cisco
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  1. David says:

    Since I’m on a standby at work and have some time on my hands, I figure I’d write a reply.

    I’m surprised nobody has brought up what I thought was not only the dumbest thing in this episode, but in the entire Flash series, possibly even ever in the existence of superhero television shows, which was freezing lasers, beams of light, and the frozen lasers breaking into chunks of ice as you walk through them.

    I get that, without that, Captain Cold is pretty much needless in the mission, so they needed something for him to do to validate him even being there, but there had to be a million better ways of handling that situation. I’m just shocked they went with that idea.

  2. gbreviews says:

    You know, this was something that I immediately turned to Violet and said, ” this is completely stupid”, because yeah, nothing like this could be remotely possible. I think it was SO bad, that I blocked it from my memory. That was so utterly cheesy, that it made this episode that much worse for me. They could have come up with so many other uses for his cold gun to make sense. Maybe he had to freeze the vault so that a bomb would make it shatter when it went off, or there were heat sensors and freezing them would prevent their body temperatures from setting them off. There was about a billion other scenarios they could have come up with, and that is what they went with….geez…

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