October Nerd Block Giveaway

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  1. Tish says:

    NerdTASTIC! Do you reveal the loot ahead of fine or is it a surprise each month?

    1. gbreviews says:

      Tish, it is a surprise each month.

  2. German Sanchez says:

    That shirt is sexy 😉

  3. bill norris says:

    DC Universe Mystery Minis Vinyl Figure from Funko

  4. David K. says:

    Spawn mini trading figures.

  5. nickie says:

    Adventure Time Finn-Ominoes Domino Game

  6. Donna Walker says:

    Dark Side shirt

  7. Gram says:

    DC Universe Mystery Minis Vinyl Figure

  8. Nicole says:

    Portal 2 Sentry Turret <3 Thanks for the chance

  9. Melissa says:

    ooohhh DC Universe mystery mini, love them.

  10. Will Landefeld says:

    I’d be most excited to win the mystery mini

  11. Mike N. says:

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles N.Y.C. Sewer Coaster

  12. Donald Hayes says:

    I’d like the Dark Side t-shirt, but I have a couple of nerdlings who are sure to like the Adverture Time Finn dominos!

  13. D. Gonzalez says:

    Would love to win the awesome tshirt!!

  14. Brian L says:

    I love that shirt, sith with a sickle!

  15. Tomas O says:

    Definitely the Portal turret. Love that game.

  16. Cas says:

    Love it!

  17. Lundy says:

    That shirt. It looks badass.

  18. Samantha P says:

    I love Thor so the eraser is my favorite!

  19. Heather Speaks says:

    I’m excited to win the Darkside tee

  20. Lisa I. says:

    I *need* that shirt!

  21. Justin Travers says:

    I have the perfect place for a Portal turret.

  22. Yuta says:

    LOVE that shirt! The Portal Turret is also shiny!

  23. Margaret Maggie Porter says:

    Love the Tshirt!

  24. Sdccwiththekids says:

    The tshirt is awesome

  25. Robin says:

    I would love to win the T-Shirt

  26. Lee Mckoen says:

    the dark side t-shirt for sure

  27. Daniel M says:

    DC Universe Mystery Minis Vinyl Figure from Funko

  28. Jessica Ruggiero says:

    I am most excited about the Star Wars themed “The Dark Side” T-Shirt!

  29. Sully says:

    You had me at Nerd! (Star Wars and Mystery Mini certainly didn’t hurt)

  30. Alika says:

    I’m excited about the blind boxes,actually. I love those things! 🙂

  31. Chrissy N says:

    But prefer Portal Turret

  32. Ronald Robinson says:

    To choose is soooo hard! “DC Universe Mystery Minis Vinyl Figure from Funko” OR
    “Spawn Mini Trading Figures Series 1” Do I have to pick? Ummmm . . . The Mystery Mini! Okay, there I did it. Only prize we really don’t know what it is, yeah that’s got me really wanting it!

  33. chris says:

    The adventure time game! YES!

  34. Tracy G says:

    The Adventure Time Game or that T-shirt tho! 🙂

  35. Tracy G says:

    this is exciting! 🙂

  36. Alexandra says:

    I would love the Finn puzzle!

  37. Kelley says:


  38. Farzana Haque says:

    Adventure Time Finn-Ominoes Domino Game

  39. Vikki Billings says:

    I really am excited about the Star Wars themed “The Dark Side” T-shirt

  40. Karrie Millheim says:

    Star Wars themed “The Dark Side” T-Shirt..Vader is the man!!!

  41. blueamcat says:

    Cool stuff! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  42. Sonya says:

    I want the Star Wars themed “The Dark Side” T-Shirt

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