Movie Review: Pacific Rim

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  1. Dexter says:

    I think it’s better to approach this movie as a kind of giant robot mecha movie, rather than a Hollywood blockbuster.

    A lot of the story decisions noted as convenient, is essentially how it is done in robot animes and live action where, if you’re old enough, Voltron will usually ‘form blazing sword’ at the end of the fight, not at the beginning.

    As for the acting, I actually think Idris Elba and Rinko were standouts in the film. Idris pretty much anchors the whole project, while Rinko plays the strong silent mecha pilot ‘trope’ to a tee.

    Actually, when it comes to characterization, what some people take as bad acting or poor writing is again about Del Toro and Becham writing to the genre. Like a soap opera, or any genre piece, there are certain roles to fill and each role has a certain characteristic. You have the cocky pilot, the main hero archetype, the strong female, the ‘commanding’ male officer. It’s an efficient shorthand for a 2hour movie to cram in a lot of little assumed details about each individual without too much exposition so we can get to the fights.

    I will agree that Herman and Newt, the two scientists , weren’t my favourite characters. But it seems like a large number of fans liked them, going so far as to write fanfics and art. A little creepy but hey!

    Anyways I liked this movie a lot more than you guys did. I got exactly what I wanted to see and more.

  2. gbreviews says:

    Thanks for your (very quick!) response! Yeah, we’re not really fans of robot animes, or have much experience with the Kaiju genre, so that may be why we did not enjoy or appreciate it as much as you did. But thanks again for your point of view! -Violet

  3. Josh Rees says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and not just because I am a big Guillermo Del Toro fanboy. This movie was refreshing in the simplest of ways. Cookie Cutter story, Cookie Cutter characters, Cookie Cutter will they/wont they love story. However visually it is simply spectacular. This movie is aware of it’s own premise, big ass monsters fighting big ass robots, that’s it. It doesnt need to try anything else. It doesnt need to try and develop a ridiculous story a la transformers, it doesnt need to try and be more than what it is. At the end of the day, it is 2 hours of fun to watch film. And with the trip through the rift and seeing the other beings who were creating the kaiju, I definitely enjoyed it enough to watch a sequel should it be made. I give it a fun 4/5 for simplicity and visuals.

  4. Lundy says:

    I’m a sucker for old-school mech battle stories, so I liked this movie. Judged purely on entertainment value, it was fantastic. It’s quite obvious that those who made this film were going for something very reminiscent of mech anime and stories from yesteryear. To me, that was a good thing and made for a very enjoyable movie.

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