Movie Review: Man of Steel

Superman, Man of Steel, Henry Cavill
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  1. Grace B says:

    This was a very interesting topic. Having seen Man of Steel, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Both writers mentioned how Clark had disregard for human life, and caused a lot of destruction, though both also somewhat dismissed this later on. I agree with Josh; Superman isn’t really Superman yet. He needs to learn how to grow into his role as a hero, but before he learns how to, he can’t be expected to make no mistakes. He really didn’t cause too much of the damage, anyways. About the ending; I agree with Josh again. Clark stopped Zod in the only way he could, though he didn’t want to kill him. I really gained some new insight into the movie that I loved before I even saw it, as I am a huge DC fan.

  2. Travers says:

    Man of Steel was worth the ticket price. It kept me entertained the whole way through. It will be interesting to see how this Superman develops as the movies go on.

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