Comikaze 2015- Saturday

Comikaze 2015
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  1. Jason Koh says:

    I know we didn’t meet-up until the 4pm Marvel Report photo shoot, but we were literally in the same places throughout all of Saturday. We were in the Haunted LA panel as well. It ran about 45 minutes longer than I felt comfortable with but I guess they were stretching it out since their video guy came uber late. The wife and I were also at the Summer Glau panel, kind of, since I was in the Photo Redemption line to the right of the stage. Such a small world.

  2. chrisdvanne says:

    Thanks for sharing your impressions – and photos – from Comikaze 2015!

  3. Joshua B. says:

    Summer Glau is great… Very underrated actress

  4. Daisy says:

    Nice pics

  5. Andre says:

    I agree, nice pictures!

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