Bandwagon Corner: Harry Potter

Bandwagon Corner, Harry Potter
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  1. Jason Koh says:

    I’m like Josh, not a huge reader. But I have to strongly recommend the audiobooks for the Harry Potter series. One of the audio book readings ever. Try the first book and you’ll definitely get hooked and by the rest.

  2. Daisy says:

    I don’t even get a mention in here?! Haha I’m almost 3 years younger and didnt read any of the books. I definitely agree with it seemed like a child’s book, especially when we were at cold stone for that release. I still haven’t read the books but EVERYONE at work is currently reading one of the 7. Well, 8 now with the cursed child. I have seen all of the movies, thanks to friends wanting to see them in theaters or at work. I’ve definitely enjoyed them and have been wanting to read the books, but I’m not much of a book reader either. Fair warning: as with any movie, a lot from the books was left out and made a lot of fans angry when they saw the movies. This was a main reason I was refusing to read the books, I didn’t wanna get mad either. Definitely worth watching though. They’re great. And then y’all get can on pottermore and find out which house y’all are in! And then find out with American house y’all are in too! I predict ravenclaw for you, and slytherin for Josh Bwahaha

  3. Nerissa says:

    Happy to read you’re giving Harry Potter a try! 🙂 I’m also 32 and have loved the books for a long time. One of my younger sisters had been reading them – I think I was in high school – and I gave them a try and got hooked. We’d all go to the movies together when they came out – it was fun! My husband didn’t read them until a few years ago. He had seen the movies and he finally decided to read the books. Now we are both big fans. I hope you enjoy them! I always tell people reading them for the first time that the first few books are a little slower & seem more for kids but the story does get more complex and engaging as you get to the later books so don’t give up after the first one! 🙂 And you should definitely visit the Wizarding World at Universal Studios afterwards. We love going there- it’s so fun to step into the world from those books!

  4. Tracy LeVeaux says:

    I started the series but didn’t finish! I need to go back as well!

  5. John Smith says:

    Harry Potter wizarding world has interesting art direction.

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