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  1. Michael Hockenson says:

    I just finished watching season 2 and so far that is my favorite. Loved the whole Asylum setting.

    1. crossbred900 says:

      the first

  2. Roxie Weeks says:

    I am a new fan so of course this season also because I loved the movie Freakshow it was amazing

  3. Jessica Rank says:

    LOVE this show!!

  4. Anderson L. says:

    My favorite season was Season 3.

  5. Matt Kohl says:

    Just started watching this season. Was about to stop after the 1st episode but decided to give it one more chance. I’m glad I did.

  6. Joseph Jones says:

    The first season.

  7. Janice Dean says:

    Season one is my favorite. Thanks

  8. bill norris says:

    The 1st was my fave.

  9. Josh says:

    the first 😛

  10. Donna Walker says:

    This season of American Horror Story:Freakshow is my favorite! This season shows just how normal the monsters are and how horrible “normal” people can be to someone they deem different from themselves.

  11. Alan Tong says:

    So far American Horror Story: Freakshow has been my favorite. Coven is a close second. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the story unfolds this season!

  12. Kevin says:

    Coven was my favorite AHS season.

  13. Anna H. says:

    Coven was my favorite season!

  14. Brittany says:

    Murder House is still my favorite but Coven is a close second!!

  15. Austin Baroudi says:

    The first season because it’s what drew me into the show!!!!

  16. Ronald Oliver says:

    For me it’s the first season, because it was the launching pad for the series, and it caused me to really get into the show!

  17. Trey Lawson says:

    I only just jumped in with Freak Show, but I’m already planning to dive into the previous seasons.

  18. Melinda says:

    The first season was definitely my favorite. Can’t resist a good ghost story!

  19. German Lopez says:

    i think my favorite AHS season is Season 02.

  20. Brian L says:

    I liked Coven but Freakshow is my favorite now!

  21. B says:

    I have to pick just ONE reason?! I’d probably go with Season 2!

  22. Tracy Pryor says:

    Season one is still my favorite.

  23. Raine says:

    I’ve only watched season 1 so far and really liked it. I own season 2 but there’s been so many great shows that I hadn’t gotten to it yet.

  24. Gurjit says:


  25. DARLA KIDDER says:

    Don’t have the channel it comes on on our cable , so I can’t watch it.

  26. Rob Hestar says:

    Freakshow was amazing!

  27. Jennifer Shaw says:

    I loved the storyline on the first season but loved the characters on the third season,Coven!

  28. nickie says:

    I loved season one the best!

  29. Daniel M says:

    i liked season 1

  30. Karina C says:

    American Horror Story Asylum

  31. joni says:

    I like the first season the best.

  32. Serena Powell says:

    My favorite season is Freak Show!

  33. Jessica Stout says:

    The first season will always be the best 🙂

  34. Breanne says:

    I like Murder House

  35. Lisa V. says:

    The first season is my favorite.

  36. season three is my fave, thanks so much!!

  37. matt lehman says:

    im really liking the new season since oddities wierd me out

  38. tina reynolds says:

    I would pick the first one

  39. Vikki Billings says:

    Murder House has been my favorite so far.

  40. Roxie Weeks says:

    This is by far the best season I love the original “Freakshow” and think they did an awesome job!

  41. Sand says:

    The first season was my favorite.

  42. InfinityWatcher says:

    loved season 1

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