Agents of SHIELD Episode Recap, Season 3 Episode 9: Closure

Agents of SHIELD, Season 3 Episode 9, Closure, Coulson, Hunter, Bobbi
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  1. Bryant F. says:

    I use to watch Agents of SHIELD, but after mid season 2 it started getting boring and I just stopped wathcing. Is it worth going back to watching now?

    1. Joshua Krueger and Violet Krueger says:

      Remember how Season 1 started out not so good, and then it suddenly got really good towards the end? That’s how these last few episodes of Season 3 have felt. So we would recommend sticking with it.

  2. Danny Rivera says:

    I love this show. Great review ! I think the AOS writers are doing a heck of a job in the sense of season 1 start off slow and build the characters, not too too exciting at 1st,then bam midseason twist. And from then on it just builds. I love the ending of this episode how he just jumps through the portal. It reminds me of how cap jumps out of the planes with no parachutes in the Marvel movies.

  3. Ronald Oliver says:

    I saw many of first seasons episodes, a few were pretty good, many were slow, but it’s TV so I do expect more slow-burn character development drama than action. I need to catch up on most of season 2 and check out this season before I get too far behind. lol

  4. Victoria G says:

    This episode was amazing! Hell, this season is amazing it’s by far the best season yet.

  5. Levi Kangas says:

    I love this show, though i just got into it recently.

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