Weekly Fantasy Movie Draft: Week 2 Update

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  1. Corgi Kohmander says:

    I love this Fantasy Movie Draft idea. I played Fantasy Football last year and was instantly hooked. This just combined two of my favorite things, competitive gambling and pop culture. I think Meet the Blacks will be the sleeper hit for Week 2.

  2. Lauren H says:

    I think Batman Vs Superman will retain #1 top spot this weekend, bringing in $25million

  3. Matthew D says:

    The Boss with $28 million.

  4. Austin Baroudi says:

    My guess is Batman Vs Superman will stay on top with $32 million.

  5. Kelly T. says:

    Batman v Superman will be #1 with 29 million.

  6. Sara schwab says:

    I think batman vs. superman will take top

  7. wendi says:

    IM GOING with Hardcore Harry it really looks good

  8. David K says:

    Batman v Superman #1 with $31 million.

  9. William Landefeld says:

    Hardcore Henry with $25 million

  10. Daniella says:

    The Boss with 29 million

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