The Walking Dead Giveaway

The Walking Dead Giveaway
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  1. Matthew D says:


  2. Marco Ortiz says:


  3. Angela says:

    Daryl, always!! <3

  4. Tracy LeVeaux says:

    I’m all about Merle (AKA Mr. Svenning)

  5. Sharyonda says:


  6. Darla Peduzzi says:

    Daryl is my fav!

  7. Trixie Dotson says:

    I love Carol!

  8. Trinity Rosario says:

    Daryl is and has ALWAYS been my favorite character!

  9. Abigail Gibson says:

    Daryl rocks!

  10. Sandy Klocinski says:

    Daryl & Carol, absolutely BADASS!

  11. Tracy Shafer says:

    My favorite if Daryl!

  12. Kenneth Helmick says:


  13. angie says:

    My favorite is Carol.

  14. Pete Salisbury says:

    Glenn who was unnecessarly and cruelly killed off as was my love for the show.

  15. david birmingham says:


  16. Brandy Graham says:

    Glenn was my favorite character, I miss him..he was in there from the very beginning.

  17. Jaque Richards says:

    Tough choice. Darryl….or Carol, it is difficult to choose between my two favorite characters. Thank you for a fantastic giveaway! 🙂

  18. Nickole Heim says:


  19. Margo Branscomb says:


  20. Cynthia C says:

    My nephew is the fan of the show and he likes Daryl.

  21. debbie williamson says:


  22. Mickie Smith says:

    My favorite characters are Maggie & of course Glenn before he was killed off. We are obsessed with TWD!

  23. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I like Daryl!

  24. kelly tupick says:

    My favorite character is Daryl!!!

  25. wendi watson says:

    tough cause i love many of them!! daryl is the hottie i mis herschel loved beth!! glen really grew and abraham was the one to break up the blah!! Negan is hot and love him to hate him!! and carol is simply a bad ass!! RIP Shiva the governor was a great bad guy as well

  26. crystle tellerday says:


  27. Dee Johnson says:

    My favorite is Carol.

  28. Jack B says:

    My favorite is Daryl Dixon.

  29. Kelly C. says:

    Daryl’s gun

  30. Sarah Mathias says:

    Rick is my favorite.

  31. marlene a harris says:


  32. Katie C. says:

    I loved Hershel on the TV show.

  33. Jim Hayes says:

    Daryl Dixon is my favorite. He’s one of the few remaining originals from season 1. I got the chance to meet Norman Reedus at a comic convention and he was so cool and down to earth.

  34. bill norris says:

    Glenn is my fave why they had to kill him that way on the show is beyond me.

  35. Sharon Schoepe says:

    Daryl is my favorite.

  36. Heather D says:

    Carol. She’s a badass.

  37. Robin says:

    My favorite is Daryl.

  38. Alex S. says:

    Daryl is the man!!!!!!!!

  39. Priscilla Pursell says:

    I love Carol too!

  40. Julie Hawkins says:

    Daryl is my favorite.

  41. Kelly R says:

    I like daryl

  42. Alex W. says:

    My favorite character is Glenn. RIP :/

  43. Michelle Hill says:


  44. Sue Barney says:

    Daryl!!!!!! 🙂 Love em all though!

  45. Joseph Menard says:


  46. AEKZ2 says:

    Michonne is my favorite

  47. Leah Shumack says:

    Daryl is my favorite character!

  48. Karrie says:

    I love Negan!!

  49. Lia says:

    Daryl of course!

  50. Buddy Garrett says:

    Rick is my favorite character.

  51. Trisha McKee says:


  52. Lily Kwan says:

    Daryl and Carol

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