The Walking Dead Episode Recap, Season 4 Episode 9: After

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  1. Josh Rees says:

    This epidode was one of my favorite of the season for one reason, Michonne. I think she has the potential to be one of the most interesting characters if they would show more of her backstory. I had no idea she had a child, or that her life was so clean cut based on her rugged nature now. I think the showrunners could do two, three episode miniseries based on Daryl and Michonne in between seasons and it would be just as good as the main show.

  2. Justin Travers says:

    I sure wish I had a huge can of pudding. All the ones I find in stores are tiny. I never see canned pudding at all, actually.

    Anyway, this episode kind of bugged me because Carl was such a little brat. He’s at that age now where he starts screeching whenever he tries to yell, and it just grates on my nerves. He needs to spend more time putting junk into his mouth and less spewing it at those he loves.

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