Should Studios Release Footage Shown at San Diego Comic-Con?

SDCC 2016, Hall H
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  1. Romeo says:

    I can understand them wanting to keep the footage special to those in attendance, but as someone who is not able to attend I wouldn’t mind seeing some footage 😉

  2. Melinda Navarro says:

    I feel that if you show footage at the Con, then showing it to the public just benefits the studios with all the word of mouth traffic. If they need to keep a secret, well then don’t show any footage. If they want to show exclusive stuff then that’s what performances like Tom Hiddleston’s Loki performance and the Fantastic Beasts wand exchange is for. That’s what people go to Hall H for.

  3. Sharyonda says:

    The saying some rotten apples spoil it for the rest of us applies here. So. can understand why some shoe up and don’t show any footage or they don’t shiw up at all! It’s there choice to make in this all digital age we now live in.

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