SDCC Tips: How to Avoid the Con Crud

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  1. hippyadam says:

    Wait so basically this is a hygiene guide? That’s a bit of a harsh indictment on us geeks :p

  2. Calvin says:

    I have no idea what a con curd is but now i know and these tips might work. I honestly think it is just a random sickness.

    I am doing this for a free loot crate

  3. Paige says:

    Great post, I love the tips. I plan to go to a comic con in Tampa Fl soon and ill be sure to keep these in mind. Ill be sure to have some hand sanitizer on hand.

  4. Kevin Merits says:

    I want to go here. I love the tips too. Very helpful.

  5. Miranda Kirk says:

    I can say that the hand-sanitizer is a must! When my friends and I returned from Pax East we all got sick! Great Article!

  6. Joseph says:

    Sounds like some pretty common sense stuff.

  7. Thanks for this. Bookmarking 😉

  8. Fred says:

    As a first timer, this is great info! Thanks!

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