SDCC Tips and Giveaway: Power Up with a Portable Charger

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  1. Rob says:

    I definetly could have used an additional charger or something like that. My Galaxy S3 hardly lasts a day as it is

  2. Kevin Merits says:

    iPhone 4

  3. Kate Abel says:

    Thanks for another giveaway!

  4. David K. says:

    Samsung Galaxy S4

  5. TheNerdyProfessor says:

    iPhone 5

  6. Richard S says:

    Will come in handy with Samsung Galaxy S4

  7. Robert Cross says:

    My phone is always dying at Comic Con. I would love this charger. 🙂

  8. Kevin E says:

    iPhone 4

  9. Jane L says:

    AWE zte

  10. Rhia says:

    I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I can use all the juice I can get since this is kind of an old phone.

  11. Cat says:

    It’s true. The wifi at SDCC is a phone drainer. If everybody put they’re phones in airplane mode, then maybe we would have a chance to post online once in a while. 🙂

  12. Rebekah Holbrooks says:

    Love these SDCC giveaways! Thank you!

  13. Tyler says:

    I have an iPhone 4S. I’m bringing some fun cases for SDCC this year!

  14. Sylvia Davila says:

    iPhone 3GS

  15. Maria gregorio says:

    iPhone 4s

  16. Calvin says:

    a home phone(i do haz phone)

  17. Susie M. says:

    I use a Motorolla Razr.

  18. Charlene H. says:

    Need to stay powered up after a long night in line.

  19. Lorin C says:

    Great advice! Sharing a room with 3 others so I’ll for sure be bringing a power strip!

  20. nickie says:

    HTC phone

  21. John says:

    I have an Iphone 5 and this would be a nice addition to have for SDCC14. I saw a lot of love from Samsung for there phones at last years SDCC hope Apple will be there to represent this year.

  22. Cynthia C says:

    I have a Motorola phone.

  23. Ann Fantom says:

    LG 840

  24. Tari Lawson says:

    I have a Samsung.

  25. Noah F says:


  26. Kristen says:


  27. Roger Keeney says:

    this charger will be a definite benefit to me as I cover games of adapted sports competitions, with my straight talk LG Ultima

  28. Beena says:

    iPhone 5s

  29. brainwise says:

    Can always use another portable charger!

  30. Brynne says:

    Nexus 5! 🙂

  31. Robert says:

    Nexus 5

  32. dolphinax2 says:

    This would be great, so frustrating to have no battery left.

  33. Andrea Munoz says:

    I have a droid mini which has pretty good battery life but not having to sit in a hall and charge my phone would be awesome!!!

  34. Natalie Ebnet says:

    What a great give-away! The most frustrating part of SDCC is your battery dying RIGHT before you meet some super awesome celebrity at SDCC so you can’t take a picture!!

  35. Natalie Ebnet says:

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S4. 🙂

  36. Kristina says:

    I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy 4 and I would KILL for a portable charger… ok not kill… but definitely nudge someone.

  37. Anthony says:

    A must have for any seasoned SDCC veteran.

  38. Anthony says:

    Samsung Galaxy

  39. Elaine Heathcotte says:

    I would love this for my iPhone 5

  40. iPhone 5, and it’s powermad.

  41. Dustin Ma says:

    External chargers are the business and a definite must!

  42. Yasmo says:

    It would make our family of 4 very happy n appreciative.

  43. Stephanie says:

    i have a stratosphere (android) old school i know. many reasons why i could use this life safer of a portable charger!

  44. Delia79 says:

    Always carry need an additional for family at SDCC.

  45. Paolo says:

    Samsung Galaxy S4

  46. sifichick says:

    I could have used this the last con. I need to get a charger for my phone. Would be nice if I could just win one. lol

  47. sifichick says:

    LG L7

  48. joni says:

    I have a LG Spectrum.

  49. Future says:

    iPhone 5s

  50. Rafael says:

    Iphone 4S

  51. Laura J says:

    I have the Galaxy S4!

  52. Lisa V. says:

    I have a Samsung phone.

  53. Clarissa says:

    iPhone 5. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  54. Taylor U. says:

    iPhone 5… until they come out with something bigger and better. Always have to keep up with the latest and greatest! And an extra battery at the Con makes you a God!

  55. rose says:

    I needed one of these last year – great photos and no juice to upload

  56. Brian L says:

    iPhone 5

  57. David S. says:

    I have an iPhone 5

  58. Maggie says:

    I have a iPhone 5

  59. Andre White says:

    HTC one m8

  60. Jill Myrick says:

    I currently have an iPhone 4.


  61. Robin says:

    I have a galaxy S3

  62. Raine says:

    I have a Galaxy S4!

  63. tina reynolds says:

    iphone 5

  64. Matt Kalist says:

    Thanks for the nice giveaway!

  65. Tom says:

    I have a Galaxy S4 wrapped in a TARDIS skin!

  66. Eric Rathbun says:

    I have a nexus 5 phone

  67. Samantha says:

    I just got the iPhone 5s last week!

  68. Jennifer Reed says:

    I have an iPhone 5C.

  69. FunmbiE says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

  70. Betty C says:

    I currently have an older Motorola phone. The good thing is that the battery lasts quite a while. Of course, I avoid wi-fi and keep it turned off whenever possible.

  71. Crystal F says:

    I honestly don’t know what kind I have but my daughter has an iphone 5 and my hubby has a galaxy s5. thank you!

  72. Heather Dawn says:

    I have a Galaxy S4 Active.

  73. nathan copeland says:

    nexus 7

  74. Andrea says:

    iPhone 5

  75. Tammy S says:

    I have a Nokia Windows phone. Love it!

  76. Cortney s says:

    Awesome tips

  77. Elizabeth says:

    I am obviously not very informed. Great to know about the charging options out there. LG Spectrum

  78. Sarah says:

    Motorola xfinity! I think…

  79. Jesse L. says:

    Contest! Fingers crossed!

  80. Dinah G says:

    I’m embarrassed to say that I actually have a “dumb” phone. It’s an old school Sony Ericsson flip phone! o_O Old…but I love it!

  81. Annie says:

    Moto X

  82. Theresa says:

    I have an iPhone 4S. Only makes it through half the day with all my twitter watching right now!

  83. Anna says:

    iPhone 4S

  84. Breanne says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S5

  85. Jami Losurdo says:

    I could really use a charger while I volunteer at NerdHQ! Thanks!

  86. Katina Lindsey says:

    iPhone 5s in GOLD… To make your ssssssssuper charger!!

  87. Marco says:

    Would love one of these. Good luck everyone.

  88. Roxann says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3.

  89. Lisa says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 & I definitely can use this giveaway!

  90. kacaga says:

    great tips

  91. Sarah L says:

    I have a BLU 4.0 which wouldn’t need a lot of power.
    Thanks for the contest.

  92. cheezmo says:

    Galaxy s5

  93. katie beall says:


  94. Mandy says:

    Can’t wait for SDCC – would love to win this for my devices

  95. Anthony Verlander says:

    Would definitely need this for the con. I have a droid x.

  96. AEKZ2 says:

    I have a cheapo Tracfone.

  97. Marco says:

    I can’t believe I won. Thank you so much for this GBReviews!

  98. Rhia says:

    I had at least 2 portable batteries (5,000 mAh each) with me every day of SDCC, plus I borrowed a friend’s Galaxy 3 tab with 4G LTE. The 4G was a God send and worked great while inside the Convention Center.

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