The SDCC 2016 Schedule So Far…

SDCC 2016, Schedule So Far, Hall H
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  1. D. Rivera says:

    My goodness these panels are incredible . Supernatural, the glass flash, agents of shield and prison break. My 4 favorite shows right now. Along with all the dcu shows, big bang theory, game of thrones, walking dead and Netflix marvel. I mean wow. Tops any of the nyccs panels I’ve been to for 10 yrs. Hope I can go to sdcc sometime soon. Great list. Love your blog you guys.

    1. Joshua & Violet Krueger says:

      Thanks, D! SDCC does have some pretty awesome panels, but the trick is getting in line in time to actually make it into them! It’s actually on our to-do list to make it out to NYCC one of these days! Hopefully you can make it out to SDCC at some point.

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