San Diego Comic-Con Introduces Randomized Waiting Room for 2014 Badge Preregistration

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  1. DKD says:

    I tend to agree with you though I have always had good luck with the old system. The thing I would love them to reveal is how many badges they are selling at the pre-registration. Are they selling as many as are asked for? Are they selling 50,000? 25,000? Less? If it is now “random”, it would be nice to be able to calculate odds. I know part of it depends on how many previous badge holders intend to go in 2014. But, we can calculate some scenarios if they just told us how many badges are being sold that first day.

  2. SDS says:

    Maybe I’m not understanding this clearly enough or am being pessimistic — but I interpret the below text rather darkly:

    “…prospective attendees will be given a time frame in which they can log in to the EPIC waiting room prior to the badge sale.”

    — meaning that small subsets of potential attendees will be assigned different time-frames for a waiting room. And that these time-frames might occur sequentially — one after another.

    So the Randomness here is in the time frame assignments themselves. And if you get a time frame that occurs after many others — you are well and truly Frakked!

    e.g.: say they have 10,000 randomly assigned users in the first time frame. Each of those users — as long as they login with the time-frame range — all get to order their tickets at the same time. Then after that time-frame ends — another 10k in the 2nd gets their chance, and so on…

    If you’re in the first few time-frames — yay for you!! If not – you’ll get whatever leftover crumbs remain…

    So when you get your pre-reg notification email — note the time you’re supposed to login and then compare it with others.

    And if you happen to be late in the morning or afternoon — maybe Sunday will still be open, and I hear that the activities outside SDCC are getting bigger each year!

  3. Justin Travers says:

    This system is extremely confusing. I guess in a way I’m glad I don’t have to deal with this since I’m not going. That’s kind of a stretch though.

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