San Diego Comic-Con: Wristbands–Yay or Nay?

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  1. Principia says:

    From the initual descriptions by CCI of what they planned to do with the bands, it went about how I expected it to: not very well. Given that I heard people referring to themselves as being trapped or held against their will (in reference to not being *allowed* to leave until the wristbands were handed out), I don’t know how they can continue forward without a major overhaul of the process.

  2. Tracy G says:

    Even though I did not go to this Con, I still believe every Con has its flaws, no matter how may ways they try to please everyone and make it smoother. It’s only safe to say that the wrist bands are a good idea, so you can enjoy other aspects of the con instead of waiting in one line all day. But it’s still a work in progress.

  3. Dustin Ma says:

    It made the lines longer and they weren’t 100% on their game every night. If they do construction and they do the wristbands next year I am hoping for wristbands but instead of camping each section is given a window to return by to avoid waiting/camping. That would make the wristband system almost perfect.

  4. Notjimcarrey says:

    Couldn’t make it this year

  5. Nicky says:

    I appreciate comic com trying to do something about hall h , but it seemed like it caused a lot if panic. I know people who never camped out before for hall h did this year for the first time since they started giving wristbands out in the evening. By giving wristbands out early, it seemed like comic con was promoting camping, I have gone to hall h on Saturday every year and have always gotten In being there by 7am. This year I didn’t even try ( and since all wristbands for Saturday were handed out by midnight Friday good thing I didn’t have my heart set in going). I hope comic con can continue yo try to address line cutting, but this system caused a lot if panic. Someone slready died a few years ago neigh hit by a car in their attempt to line up early for hall h for one of the Twilight movies panels. Seems like something else bad could happen one day so maybe comic con should think about other strategies ( but it is hard to stop the people forming pre-lines in their attempt to be first in the real line).

  6. Benjamin says:

    I was not able to attend this year. It sounds like they are trying at least, so I like that.

  7. Anthony Verlander says:

    I had a huge problem with the wristbands. There were supposedly an an extra amount of wristbands given out one day (around 200 extra). Also staff was uncooperative and even lied, in response some questions that I asked. In think there should be more colors on the bands to better indicate likeliness of getting inside. Two different colored wristbands was not helpful. Lastly, someone brought up to me that this was good for SDCC because people getting early in line brought media attention and weeded out the somewhat fans, which made the hardcore fans more loud and pumped inside Hall H. This sounds like it was a believable plan by SDCC, and I have mixed feelings about it.

  8. Formidablejedi says:

    The implementation was weak. They also need to focus on a new location, I heard that 2015 is the last year they have their contract with the convention center so there are rumors they may move to a larger location.

  9. cassie says:

    Been going since 2003. Last year hall h wasn’t nearly as bad as this year. I need my sleep so that I may enjoy the con. They should implement a non crazy time that people can start lining up. Five pm the day before is not reasonable. I do like the idea of wristbands so that ppl don’t cut

  10. I like wrist bands for identification!

  11. i think if they give out wristbands, anyone should be able to leave the line without having others in their group; i go to SDCC alone, so even if i got a wristband it would be pointless since i wouldn’t be able to leave!

  12. Katie says:

    It was a poor attempt to reign in the masses. The event staff were of no help (one of them didn’t even know how to use a walkie-talkie!) and it was just complete chaos.

  13. Britt says:

    Wristbands seemed to cause even more panic because now people had to worry about getting a certain letter and color! I feel like it would help a little with people line cutting but people in Hall H line are vicious and will kick people out. Hopefully CCI will modify it a bit next year.

  14. Fred Lee says:

    I think that once you’ve received a wristband you should be able to leave the line and come back later.

    1. Nick says:

      Once you had the wristband you were allowed to leave you didn’t have to stay the whole time that was the point of the wristbands. It kept people from saying that you were cutting hence the wristbands having different colors.

      1. Fred Lee says:

        Well, if you were there by yourself you still had to stay in line regardless of wristband. I just wished the wristbands had some sort of number on them so that you could leave and then come back at that specific place in line.

  15. Nick says:

    I think the idea the wristbands was was good. But one day they’re not letting anybody have a wristband unless you were physically there, then another day people say will my wife is not here and there and they give them an extra wristband. If you were going to implement something follow through 100% not 50/50. That’s what made a lot of the attendees upset, was the lack of follow through. It was worth the shot. See what happens next year.

  16. Dinah G says:

    Hopefully I can go next year. I normally like the idea of wristbands, but it looks like the implementation wasn’t the best.

  17. Sarah G says:

    It is a good idea in theory but they needed to do more about making sure people do not start lining up before they are supposed to. I heard all sorts of things about ‘unofficial’ lines being formed in the middle of the afternoon on Friday for Saturday. Personally I stuck with getting into Ballroom 20 but if I go again I would like to get into Hall H at least once.

    1. Suzana says:

      The 1st in line for this years Hall H Saturday Pannels started the unnoficial line by Thursday night! How insane is this???

  18. Arole says:

    At least you can get out of the line and take a leak.

  19. Marge says:

    I hope this is done again next year.

  20. Ms. Dean says:

    I wasn’t able to go this year. I do not have much to say.

  21. Sean Welsh says:

    Could not attend this year sadly 🙁

  22. Mav KG says:

    I couldn’t attend, so I can’t say how I feel about this either way.

  23. Rawad K says:

    I wasn’t there this year, so I feel I can’t decide if this is a good idea or not.

  24. nathan copeland says:

    Anybody know their policy on wheelchair admittance? I don’t know how many wheelchair spots they have, and I never try to actively leverage my disability in situations like this, but it seems like this system wouldn’t take that into consideration.

  25. Dan says:

    Didn’t manage to get in at all this year, but had a tonne of fun in the smaller panels!

  26. Anthony E. says:

    A better solution to the Hall H line/every comic con line problem is to… Wait for it…….. SELL LESS BADGES!!!!!

    1. Suzana says:

      I agree with you. I think SDCC biggest problem is the number of badges sold. If they cut the number to, lets say, 75% of what they are today, the Con would improve enormously.

      1. Anthony E. says:

        Agreed. The overall experience of all attendees would be vastly improved if they’d stop overselling the badges. The crowds are brutal, unforgiving, & start earlier & earlier each year. If you want to get into anything cool, win something cool, draw for something cool, you need to be young & willing to sleep on concrete for 2 days, get cooked in the sun, have your belongings stepped on, &/or walk several miles each day. I would gladly pay more for a badge, & draw from a smaller pool of available badges, to lessen the physical stress of attending. Show me a VIP fast pass & I’m all in for it.

  27. Fred says:

    What if CCI split all of the awesomeness of Comic Con between Comic Con and Wonder Con? Less people at each event and a more enjoyable (less crowded)experience for all.

  28. Karin says:

    Couldn’t make it this year

  29. Paulina says:

    I wasn’t there this year but my cousins told me all about the Hall H moster (line); it seemed that this new policy worked fine for them but I heard of some people losing their wristbands during the night (whaaaat) … We’ll see how it goes next year

  30. Megan says:

    I thought they were good in theory. Hopefully next year some of the bugs are ironed out and it can be smoother. I am all about no line cutting 🙂 xo

  31. Raine says:

    I didn’t go but it sounds as though it has the potential to be a good system. Being able to leave the line and no one cutting in are definitely very good pros. Maybe next year they’ll have worked out an even smoother system. Overall, if I make it next year I’d be for the bands.

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