San Diego Comic-Con 2014: Marvel Panel

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  1. Benjamin says:

    When will that Age of Ultron trailer be available? It sounded so good! (Was a creepy version of the song from Pinocchio really playing? That’d be awesome!)

  2. this was one awesomely ridiculously cool panel i didn’t have the chance to attend :/

  3. Travis McIntyer says:

    I really loved this panel I lost my voice on Saturday because of all the yelling fom all the excitement going on especially watching the trailer! I was in the 4th row from the stage it was awesome! RDJ threw out toses 2 the crowd& I caught it & gave it 2 a pretty girl sitting infront of me!

  4. Fred Lee says:

    Oh, how I wish I was able to get into Hall H for the Marvel panel. It looked amazing!

  5. Dinah G says:

    I really wish there had been more of a Guardians of the Galaxy representation but I understand why there wasn’t. Love that Marvel continues to be on the right track.

  6. Sarah G says:

    I really wish I’d been able to get into that panel but I wasn’t prepared to line up for a day and miss a bunch of stuff on Friday that I wanted to see and do.

  7. Tim B says:

    I liked the idea of them live streaming the panels for those of us who can’t get out to San Diego very easily but wish they could get it to work properly, especially if they are going to have another brand like Dr. Pepper sponsor it

  8. Arole says:

    I REALLY wanted to get into Hall H. I’ll try next year.

  9. Mav KG says:

    Sounds like it was awesome! Wish I could’ve been there!

  10. dangrdafne says:

    Great coverage. Thank you for doing all this since we didn’t even attempt Hall H this year.

  11. Fred says:

    This is just more motivation to get into Hall H for the Marvel panel.

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