Movie Review: Godzilla

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  1. Gram says:

    This was more of a monster movie with a cameo from Godzilla that it was a Godzilla movie. Every part that had Godzilla was fantastic, and I feel like if there were more parts with him in it, this movie would have been so much better. I do think featuring Cranston so much in the trailers was a bit of a bait-and-switch, which was not cool. They literally showed almost all of his scenes in the trailers just to give people the impression that they were just getting a glimpse of his character, when really that was it.

  2. D. G. says:

    I think this movie was an 8 of 10. Really Taylor-Johnson was my issue. Too bad he was the lead.

  3. Kevin Merits says:

    Very good movie post. I totally agree.

  4. dangrdafne says:

    I loved Godzilla. I could feel my Grandma sitting next to me watching along and cheering when Godzilla roared. I thought it was great story telling and great filming. I was just enthralled with it.

  5. Dinah G says:

    I was bummed to miss this in the theaters. Must check it out when it comes out on DVD but I’m sure it won’t be the same as the experience would’ve been if I had seen it on a big screen!

  6. Ronald Oliver says:

    I really enjoyed seeing Godzilla in theaters, visually the movie delivered! Story-wise, it was good (could have been better). And I was one of the many that wanted to see more of Godzilla in the film. Bryan Cranston was the standout in this film as far as great acting. Sadly, the script didn’t allow his character to survive the film. Which for me, was a big disappointment. The main cast did an okay-to-very good job of acting. With Aaron Taylor-Johnson being the weakest of them all. His performance was okay. But I didn’t feel that he delivered here in a lead role. He was just passable I thought.

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