Movie Review: Earth to Echo

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  1. Kevin Merits says:

    Nice movie review! I can’t wait to watch it!

  2. Rosemary says:

    I heard kids talking about how they were planning on seeing this movie when it came out. Guess I will skip it since it is geared for kids and the fact that Violet got motion sick (I’m sure I would, too). Thanks to you and the “old man” for this review . .

  3. Joseph says:

    This movie’s trailer kind of reminds me of Batteries Not Included.

  4. Stephanie says:

    this looks like a fun movie to enjoy with kids! where’s the nieces and nephews!

  5. Laura J says:

    Oh I cannot wait to take our whole family to see it! I think it would be a wonderful film for us all to see together and one that can all enjoy! I love how they all try to help Echo!

  6. Betty C says:

    I was looking forward to taking the kids to see this movie, but now that you mention motion sickness I’m not so sure. I don’t do 3-d well or some of the amusement park rides that now have a form of 3d.
    I may still try to go and enjoy it.

  7. Dinah G says:

    Really wish I had caught this at the movie theatre, but looking forward to it coming out on DVD.

  8. Mav KG says:

    Comparing the movie to Chronicle and Super 8 makes me want to see it now. I wasn’t so sure at first, but it sounds like it’s worth a try!

  9. Ronald Oliver says:

    This looks like a great family movie! I will have to pick up a copy! Great reviews!

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