Editorial: Discussion on the next Man of Steel movie

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  1. Gram says:

    With Ben Affleck coming in, I’m not too sure how this movie will end up. There’s always the kneejerk reaction to hate something like him being in that role, but I’m trying not to feel that way until I have more reason to.

  2. Stonie says:

    I have a lot of strong opinions about this movie, and before I go any further I want to state these are solely my opinions, and as such, I am fully aware that they don’t mean a damn – and they shouldn’t mean a damn to anyone else either. So, try not to get too enraged, because my opinions seem very unpopular.

    This movie could redeem the Man of Steel for me. MoS was a beautiful movie with wonderful acting – and it was the crappiest excuse for a Superman movie I’ve ever seen. If Batman walks in and forces Superman to accept responsibility and deal with the consequences of the rampant destruction in the first movie, I could see MoS in a completely different light. If BvS comes around and everyone is okay with Superman throwing Zod through likely populated buildings, not even trying to stop a spaceship from crashing into the middle of the city, nor trying to move the fight elsewhere, then I really will be done with this franchise. Superman is better than that. Flat out.

    That being said, Cavil was amazing. Loved every second of him.

    Gal Gadot is beautiful. I have no opinion on her acting, because I’ve never seen her act, but something bothers me a lot about a Wonder Woman that Superman and Batman will literately have to look down at. Wonder Woman should be able to get in Superman or Batman’s face. Gal Gadot can’t do that without a step-stool. Wonder Woman is an amazon, and that has nothing to do with how muscley she is or how big her boobs are, but it does mean she’s frakin’ huge. Mostly tall. But she’s enormous, when compared to the average woman.

    I have no issue with Ben Affleck. Yes, I had the kneejerk reaction and went ‘WHAT?!?!DAREDEVIL IS BATMAN THIS IS WORLD-ENDING!” but after some initial thought, and mostly hearing Affleck’s reaction to the internet’s collective reaction, I’m okay with this. He looks good in the costume. He’s got respect for the source material. Let’s do it.

    I hope we get a good BATMAN vs SUPERMAN movie. I think that’s a story that warrants telling, and I’m really afraid that we’re going to get a movie that’s WB’s going to try and shoe-horn JLA members and make this into a way to test-run and see if people will actually go see these characters.

    So, I’m not holding my breath here, but I haven’t entirely condemned the movie either. I’m very much on the fence.

  3. Dinah G says:

    I am sooo bummed Christian Bale is not returning as Batman. I cannot see anyone else as Batman, especially Ben Affleck! 🙁

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