Legends of Tomorrow Recap: The Magnificent Eight

Legends of Tomorrow, Season 1 Episode 11, The Magnificent Eight, Rip Hunter
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  1. Serena Powell says:

    I think HG Wells was always suppose to survive, since the timeline wants to remain consistent, and that it was just Stein that saved him in this instance. I think that if Stein hadn’t done anything, something else would have happened to allow HG Wells to survive.

    I thought this episode provided a lot more insight into Rip and some of the things that made him into the person he is. Like meeting Jonah Hex, watching the town get destroyed, etc.

    1. Joshua Krueger says:

      That makes sense Serena, as Rip has always said, time tries to remain consistent. I guess that Stein just gets to gloat that he is the one who was able to save him in this version of the timeline.

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