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TV Recap: Breaking Bad, Season 5 Episode 16: Felina

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  1. Lundy says:

    Fantastic finale and about what I’d expected the final episode to be about. At the same time, it was twice the finale I thought it’d be, so that’s pretty awesome.

  2. Josh Rees says:

    After such a weak Dexter finale just a few weeks earlier, Breaking Bad redeemed the epic series finale standard. I don’t know of a character on television in recent years that has been more dynamic and had such a transformation of character than what was accomplished with Walter White. From a pityable plight that you wanted to succeed to a real life super villain you wanted to see fall and burn it was an amazing journey to watch. The end was everything it needed to be and more and the final image as the camera panned out from Walter was the perfect icing onto a delicious cake.

  3. Will Landefeld says:

    I don’t think that the bullets should have been low enough to hit him, but it was a good finish.

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