Deadpool Giveaway

Deadpool Giveaway
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  1. Donna Grant-Walker says:

    Wade Wilson is my spirit animal.

    1. Christopher says:


  2. Donna Grant-Walker says:

    The superhero film I’m most looking forward to is The Black Panther but since that isn’t coming out this year, I’ll say Suicide Squad.

  3. Lauren H says:

    Looking forward to Batman vs Superman. Exciting twists await

    1. Christopher Ball says:


    2. Christopher Ball says:

      i really hope so!

  4. d. smith says:

    welcome to the DEADPOOL, we got guns n veins
    we got everything you want

    1. d. smith says:

      Hey? previous comment got cutoff

      welcome to the DEADPOOL, we got guns n veins
      we got everything you want…well maybe not everything but we do have Chimis!

  5. Caitlin Z. says:

    I’m waiting for Captain America: Civil War and Suicide Squad, equally.

  6. Matthew Deitzer says:

    Captain America: Civil War

  7. Matt Bachman says:

    Looking most forward to Cap – Civil War and Dr. Strange this year.

  8. Jim Hayes says:

    Besides Deadpool, the next superhero movie I’m looking forward to is X-Men: Apocalypse. Really interested to see Apocalypse and his Horsemen in battle with the X-Men.

  9. Alan Tong says:

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

  10. d. smith says:

    CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR for sure. The beginning of the end

  11. David K. says:

    Doctor Strange

  12. Joshua B. says:

    Definitely most excited for Captain America Civil War.

  13. Kayley says:

    I’m looking forward to Civil War the most, but I’ll also watch Batman V. Superman and Doctor Strange (and maybe Suicide Squad, but I’m less excited about that one.)

  14. bill norris says:

    Doctor Strange

  15. William Landefeld says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing what Cumberbatch is going to do with Doctor Strange.

  16. Jason Koh says:

    Does Suicide Squad count as a superhero movie? If not, than Captain America Civil War.

  17. Christopher Ball says:


  18. scott angus says:

    Love giveaways!

  19. I’m looking forward to all of them, but mostly Captain America: Civil War. I have high expectations for the movie.

    Also, I accidently posted the wrong link for the Google + entry, my username on Google + is Serena Powell.

  20. Wes S. says:

    Superman Vs Batman

  21. Stephan says:

    Batman VS Superman

  22. Daniel says:

    X-Men: Apocalypse

  23. Brenda G. says:

    Doctor Strange
    Yes I am a Cumberbatch fan all the way!

  24. Tamara says:

    Captain America: Civil War!

  25. Katie C says:

    I’m looking forward to Captain America: Civil War!

  26. D. Rivera says:

    Captain America 3 civil war hell yeah team tony all the way

  27. D Gonzalez says:

    I can’t wait for X Men Apocolypse! It looks epic…

  28. Katy Walker says:

    I am really excited for Suicide Squad. Deadpool was SO good.

  29. Levi Kangas says:

    I can’t wait for Batman vs Superman.

  30. lazyfatdragon says:

    Superhero landing!God i loved that movie.. next up is Civil War.

  31. Daisy says:

    Captain America!!!

  32. Nuno Santos says:

    Congratz for the winner!

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