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Board Game Review: Codenames

It has been awhile since I have done a board game review, but recently I have played a pretty entertaining game, Codenames. This is a word game, and while the rules are very simple, actual gameplay ca…

Journey to Getting a Nintendo Switch

Should you get a Nintendo Switch? Josh struggled with his decision as to whether or not Nintendo was worth a second try. Eventually thinking so wound him up at Walmart at 2am, and a bit afraid for his…

Incan Gold Board Game Review

When you read this board game review of Incan Gold, there are a couple of questions you should keep in mind: Do you like treasure? How about probability? Or a good game of “chicken”? Let’s get into de…

Game Review: The Division

I am a bit late to the game with this review of Tom Clancy’s The Division, but better late than never.  Check out my thoughts on the game, how it is played, and how it stacks up to more traditio…

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