Captain America: Civil War – Is Iron Man or Captain America Right?

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  1. Adam Khan says:

    I have to be team Cap. Captain America is right!

  2. Matthew D says:

    Captain America and his team are right.

  3. D. Rivera says:

    I am #Teamtony all the way. I think Iron man is right. They have to be kept under tabs and being as how one of my favorite characters is Bucky, he’s sort of this vigilante type hero. I’m sure he did something almost criminal.he has a background as a killer, he might not be completely reformed, which is why in the trailers it seems he almost kills Tony. That sets everyone on edge and yes Tony is right you never know what could happen.

  4. Kody B. says:

    Captain America will America great again. #CAPTAINAMERICA2016

  5. Daisy says:

    From the trailers I’ve seen, cap is trying to keep his best friend safe. They have been best friends for a long time. I see iron mans side but cap is a loyal friend. Maybe I missed something in the movies but Bucky should not be in jail or wherever because he was not himself doing those awful acts. He didn’t kill cap cuz he pulled himself out from what I call the brainwashing. Therefore, Bucky was not at fault for what he did. And cap doesn’t believe so either. Plus he is his friend. Like I said, maybe I missed something as to a bigger reason why they won’t let Bucky be free. I do believe though because I’m a very loyal friend, I relate more to cap. Not saying I go against authority, but I do question if from time to time. Again, me relating more to cap. And it’s not because I’m team cap either that I’m taking caps side. It’s because I believe in what he believes in, and that’s his loyalty and friendship to Bucky.

  6. Serena Powell says:

    I think Captain America is right. I don’t think the actions of a few people should put the lives of a ton of people at stake. If superheros have to unmask and register themselves, that puts them and their loved in more danger than they are already in.

  7. David K says:

    Team Cap….There is still the issue of civil liberties. First, you register “enhanced” people. Then, another group will need to register and so on.

  8. Jess says:

    Both are right. But i lean towards cap a little bit more.

  9. David D says:

    The reason I’m on Team Cap is because I feel like the Avengers already have a good system of checks and balances within themselves. With the exception of the Hulk, no one member is a match for the rest of the team, so if one decides to go rogue, the rest of the team just has to bring them in.

    So far in the films, I think they have a pretty good track record of discussion, working together, and not doing anything too crazy without the rest of the team all signing off on it. With one notable exception, of course. Tony Stark. He’s the one that went behind the teams back and created Ultron, who then went on to cause the whole Sokovia situation. The rest of the team did everything they could to save the greatest number of people possible (and I would say succeeded). I feel like that blood is on Tony’s hands alone. So in CW when he says “We need to be put in check” what he REALLY means is HE needs to be put in check.

    That, plus I feel like Tony always has ulterior motives for most of his actions, whereas Cap always comes off as honest, selfless, a team player, and basically an all-around stand up guy. Couple that with my already distrust of some of the deception, corruption, and back door dealings going on in the American government (might be different in the MCU?) makes it an easy question to answer on whose side I’m on. #TeamCap

    1. Joshua says:

      I certainly see your point sir. As I have not seen the movie still (ugh!) I can still only speak from the view point of what I have seen in the trailers. But Captain America is certainly someone who TRIES to do the right thing. But we know that in history, people given power often start off trying to do the right thing, but sometimes they can drift into doing the wrong thing unintentionally.

      The checks and balances cannot exist within itself. What I mean is this: Having the Avenger police themselves is like saying the Vice President should be policing the President. Generally those two people, since they are in the same branch of government, and have similar ideologies, best case scenario, the VP is probably not going to see what the president is doing as something “wrong”. In fact, it may not even be wrong, but that is why we have the 3 branches of government–so there isn’t 1 entity making decisions that effect the rest of us.

      Right now, given the way the movies are written, Captain America is infallible so far, but he really hasn’t been put into a morally gray situation yet. Should Captain America be able to decide “gray-area” decisions on his own?

      The closest situation we had to this was probably Sokovia in Age of Ultron (which seems to be a topic of discussion in Civil war based on the trailers). The Avengers (Yes I know, decided primarily by Tony Stark) decided that the best course of action was to blow up the floating city. His reasoning was sound–either this city has to be blown up or the entire world my be destroyed from the impact it would have had on the Earth. Was this decision something that should just be left to the Avengers?

      In the end, they were bailed out by Nick Fury, who was able to rescue all of the residence of Sokovia. But what if that didn’t happen? The decision to destroy the city would have been left in the hands of the Avengers.

      It’s a tough decision. We all want our heroes to be infallible, but these Marvel heroes are still human for the most part–just with super abilities. This means they are all subject to the same human emotions that us normal people are. This means there might be some corruption or simply just incorrect assumptions that could lead the Avengers into doing something that could possibly been prevented.

      1. David D says:

        (This is still being written from a pre-CW perspective)

        Honestly, I think the BEST option is the one they were using pre-Winter Soldier. SHIELD being their “governing body”. They were an entity separate from the Avengers group, but still closely connected to them, and they’ve proven time and again that they are able to determine what missions require Avenger intervention and which ones don’t. But they also gave the Avengers freedom to respond to an incident if they decide amongst themselves that they feel they’re needed. Unfortunately, they were infiltrated by Hydra and had to be disbanded. BTW, how do we know that whoever the Sokovia Accord elects to govern them hasn’t already or won’t be infiltrated by sleeper Hydra agents? We could be putting the Avengers right back in their hands! And how do we know the governing body put in charge of them is even capable of knowing what missions require their enhanced abilities? If they’re not careful, this decision could in fact bring about the end of the world!

        I think a more apt analogy to the POTUS / VP example would actually be more likened to a high school group project. Especially considering the Avengers do in fact have a wide variety of ideological views. Then again, I hated doing group projects in high school, so maybe that’s not a good example.

        That being said, I do think there needs to be some kind of regulations put on the Avengers, I just don’t know what the right way of going about it would be. I just know I don’t think THIS is it.

        Now, if we’re talking post-CW, I think I do have an idea of what the “right” way of going about this would be. More discussion on that later.

  10. Austin Baroudi says:

    I’m a bit biased towards Iron Man, so naturally I’m on his side.

  11. Levi Kangas says:

    I am Team Iron Man but I have not seen the movie yet so my opinion is based only on the commercials and this article.

  12. Vincent says:

    Captain America is right, heroes shouldn’t have to register and expose their identity.

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