Batman v Superman: Desert Scene is More Than First Thought

Batman V Superman Desert Vision
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  1. David D says:

    Good analysis. You raise some interesting ideas.

    Anyways, I think if you’re right about this scene, the implication is kind of frightening! The idea of an all-powerful being so fragile that his feelings for one individual might make him save the world or perhaps even destroy it, and there’s nothing we can do to stop him is downright maddening!

    1. Joshua Krueger says:

      I completely agree. I am still undecided as to if I think this was a wise move, story-wise, but it certainly seems to add some considerable weight to Batman’s decision to let Superman.

      If you think about it though–Batman should still be apprehensive about Superman, which is what I think you are getting at with your post. If/when Diane does die, is Superman going to go off the rails? Is he a time bomb waiting to go off?


      1. Joshua Krueger says:

        I should say let Superman live.

      2. David D says:

        I agree, if that is the direction they’ve decided to take the character in, I don’t think it should be long lived. He needs a more stable reason for doing what he’s doing. Like simply because he’s compelled to help people. Going back to MoS, this should have been a value instilled in him from his parents since childhood (yeah, I know, 3 hour car rides. Ugh!), so it can inform his actions and motivation now.

        That way if something does happen to either Lois or Martha, he’ll be sad about it, but still be able to continue on saving the world.

        And yes, how can Batman ever truly not have to keep one eye on him to make sure he’s on an even keel? They seem to have already began establishing this sort of unstable standard, so I hope they don’t have to backtrack to give him a more stable, “trusting” compulsion moving forward.

  2. Eli says:

    Hey this was a great interpretation. I certainly did not make that connection while watching the movie. I think you’re spot on as to what they were trying to imply. They could have added some quick flash back to batman’s “dream” as he was holding the spear over superman so some of us less perceptive folks could have put two and two together.

    1. Joshua Krueger says:

      I have decided one of two things with Zack Snyder, the director based on this movie and Man of Steel–One, he is either an incompetent story-teller, and did not convey most ideas properly. Or Two, he expects (unfairly I think) for us the audience to make interpretations about his movies, and doesn’t want to spell it out.

      Either way, it has made Batman v Superman feel disjointed, and leaves us, the movie-goers, unsatisfied when we leave the film. It certainly has had a lasting effect on me though, as I find myself pondering about the movie quite a bit.

  3. David K says:

    Wow! You really thought it all out. And, it makes a lot of sense. I’ve seen the movie 3 times and none of that even remotely crossed my mind.

  4. David D says:

    FWIW, Superman says “She was my world. And you took her from me.”

    1. Joshua Krueger and Violet Krueger says:

      Hmm…That does sound like something that would be said about Lois. But it could be about his mom as well. It is hard to say. It is just so strange that Lex seems to have deduced that Superman’s mom is more important than Lois. You would think that would be a larger part of the plot, and not something that comes out of no where.

      1. David D says:

        If he does mean Martha, it doesn’t help that, either purposefully or inadvertently, the next spoken line is by Flash and he says “it’s Lois. Lois lane.” So putting those two lines back-to-back, it’s understandable for people to make that connection.

        Now, if he is referring to Martha, it could be done purposefully in that way to make people think it’s Lois to throw them off from the eventual Martha reveal. But that wouldn’t make sense, because we see her get kidnapped, so we’re already privy to that before Superman is.

        And it wouldn’t make a while lot of sense for him to be talking about that anyways, because Batman didn’t “take her from him”, Lex did.

        1. Joshua Krueger and Violet Krueger says:

          So do you think that Batman kills Lois? I can’t imagine that ever happening. If Superman says “You took her from me”, then I have to imagine this came from Batman neglecting to act, rather than willfully killing Lois–or Martha. That just makes no sense at all when looking at Batman’s character.

          That is why I thought it could be Martha, because Batman would had accidentally let Martha die, for whatever reason after he had “killed” Superman. Superman then comes back, and we get this future whether Superman is all pissed off.

          Maybe at this point it should just be chalked up to bad writing? This movie hardly gives any indications that Lois is what is tying Clark to humanity other than a couple kisses we see. If it truly is Lois, I just really do not see it in the writing.

          1. David D says:

            No, I’m not suggesting he willingly killed one of them, but that sounds like the implication in the way Superman worded it, “you took her from me.” It doesn’t sound like it was through inaction. Like Lex LITERALLY took her from him. Maybe if he had said something like “you let her die.” It would have been different.

            I agree we can chalk it up to poor writing, or there’s just information we’re not privy too yet, either because in the deleted scenes or something we’ll find out in a future movie.

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