Agents of SHIELD Recap: The Singularity – Episode 3-18

Agents of SHIELD, S3 Ep 18, The Singularity
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  1. Christopher Ball says:

    This show just keeps on proving everyone wrong that initially hated on it.
    I am worried for it however now that the Inhumans movie was pull off the schedule

  2. David K says:

    It’s obvious that Daisy still has some kind of romantic feelings for Ward even if he’s now Hive. Maybe next season, Daisy will find out she’s expecting some Hivettes.

    1. Joshua Krueger says:

      I have been wondering about their relationship. I was wondering if it really was a romantic one. (I am still an episode behind, so perhaps there is something I am missing). It seemed to me, in this episode that it was more of a desire for a family than it was for a romantic partner. From the explanations we have learned about Hive’s powers, he seems to heighten feelings people already have. I just am not sure that Daisy has romantic feelings for Ward still, considering how horrible of things he had done.

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